Thanks for joining!

The talk on the case of Practical Theology took place last Friday, with 100 registered (limit) and 82 participants turned up. The talk begins at 8:05pm and ended at 9:05pm. After a brief Question and Answer session, a few of the participants stayed back for further interactions for another 10-15 minutes.

I may consider repeating this talk for the second time if there is still interest or demand. That will give me a chance to improve the talk or even use another case to illustrate how theology should be done to respond to an actual, concrete situation. Maybe some of the participants from the first meeting can join me in the talk? The second round will also cater for those who registered but for some reasons missed the first round.

I find speaking in layperson language challenging. I may have also made unwise assumptions about what the audience may or may not know. I will let the participants tell me more about that. An email will be sent out to all participants to ask for their feedbacks.

The next scheduled talk will be quite different. I will be explaining incarnational mission. The target audience this time will be those who have at least completed a first degree in theology. But all are welcome. I will post more details about that talk in the coming days.


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