I am currently the Principal and Tutor for Theology, Practical Ministry, and Mission Studies at Anglican Training Institute (ATI) which oversees the training of pastors and ordinands in the Anglican Diocese of Sabah.

I was a Software Engineer before entering into fulltime ministry. I hold a BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science from Coventry University, UK. I then studied theology at Malaysia Bible Seminary (Master of Christian Studies, M.CS), Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK (M.A. in Mission Studies) and Fuller Theological Seminary, USA (Doctor of Ministry)

I was the founder principal of the ATI. I was collated as a Canon of the All Saints’ Cathedral in 2014 and has been a part of the Diocesan Vocation and Selection Committee since 2013. During my tenant as the pastor-in-charge of Faith Christian Centre, Petaling Jaya from 2000-2010, I guided more than 25 young adults as they responded to fulltime ministry and saw the church grew almost threefold in membership. Passionate in leadership training, I am also involved with Global Leadership Summit, serving as a member of its East Malaysia organizing committee since 2012. I am also currently serving as the Bishop’s representative in the Board of Governors of Sabah Theological Seminary. My other ministry experiences include speaking in various churches, conferences, seminars, and camps in English, Chinese and Malay languages since 2004.

Khee-Vun Lin


Speaking Engagements:

  • 2005 Main Speaker, Diocese of Sabah Chinese Youth Camp
  • 2006 Main Speaker, Diocese of Sabah English Youth Camp
  • 2007 Speaker, Diocese of Sabah English Youth Camp
  • 2010 Speaker, Diocese of Sabah Chinese Youth Camp
  • 2011 Main Speaker, Diocese of Sabah Chinese Youth Camp
  • 2012 Main Speaker, Diocese of West Malaysia Chinese Youth Camp
  • 2013 Speaker, Diocese of Sabah Young Adult Camp
  • 2017 Main Speaker, Family Camp, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban
  • 2018 Seminar Speaker, GAFCON, Jerusalem
  • 2018 Main Speaker, Diocese of West Malaysia Chinese Youth Camp
  • 2019 Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Education and Society Sciences, and Guest Lecturer at Sekolah Teologi Tinggi Pelita Kebenaran, Medan, Indonesia.
  • 2019 Keynote Speaker, EE Malaysia National Convention, Miri, Sarawak.
  • 2019 Speaker, Council of Church in East Asia (CCEA), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
  • 2019 Speaker, Special Invitation by Hong Kong Anglican Churches to conduct Seminars on “Challenges of 21st Century Discipleship in the World of Extremism,” Hong Kong

Theological Education

  • Member of the GAFCON Theological Education Network
  • Regular Member of Visiting and Evaluation Team of Asia Theological Association (ATA)
  • Global Consultant for The Global Anglican, a journal for the Church of England and global Anglicanism

Other Involvements

  • Malaysia representative to the Lausanne Asia 2020 Congress