Upcoming Talks

As promised, there will be follow-up talks after the launch.
The first talk will be held on Friday, 22 April, 2022 at 8pm via Zoom.
The title of the talk is “What is Incarnational Mission?”

I will attempt to define Incarnational Mission and give an account on its relevance for the church today.
You may find the poster and further information regarding the talk below.
The registration link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUof-qhrz0jH9C5F0HdzgzH6VNW3x8ODygs

Registration is free but if you wish to send an offering or gift to the Anglican Training Institute, please consider a RM50 (or more) donation to its Scholarship Fund. The fund helps students who face financial difficulties to pay for their theological studies. You may contact Lydia (+60) 0146790703 to find out more about the Scholarship Fund.
Bank transfer:
Anglican Training Institute
RHB 21010300016353
If applicable, please make a remark on the transfer note with “Talk2.”
Tel: (+60) 088- 211225 or Lydia (+60) 0146790703 | Juliana (+60) 0143556049

Tel: (+60)088- 211225 or Lydia (+60)0146790703 | Juliana (+60)0143556049

What is Incarnational Mission? What isn’t?
Is the Incarnation a suitable model for mission?
Can mission be “incarnational?”
What is the relation between Incarnational Mission and the church?
What does it look like in our daily lives?

This talk considers the arguments for and against the missiological concept of Incarnational Mission. It presents a case for the concept to be applied within a framework of Christocentric Missio Dei.

This is a talk which follows the talk I gave for the book launch. The following will be discussed:

1. Incarnation, “the Incarnation,” and “Incarnational Mission”

2. The Motives and Logic of Incarnation

3. Incarnation as a Model for Mission

4. Countering Criticisms of Incarnational Mission

5. Incarnational Mission and the Church


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  1. Happy new year. Thank you for upholding family values, lifting us with hope and faith filled messages, and being a light and source of inspiration to our world. May God continue to guide and richly bless you always. ~ Paul F. Davis ~ https://PropheticPowerShift.com/

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