“I’m right, you’re wrong” – there’s no need for understanding?

Video for my mission ethics class next week. If you know Peter Boghossian you know this is fun. We all live in our own ethical habitat and don’t normally welcome the idea of “understanding others” because the idea of good life (ethics) has been fed to us by the same people who are living within the same “bubble” with us. That’s fine because that’s what we call culture – a system of coping with the world with its own narrative, worldview, rituals, and beliefs. Some of us decide which “bubble” (ethical habitat, defined by the culture) we want to live in and that’s fine too. But what if you live in a pluralistic society with many different cultures? Democracy alone cannot solve this because that will only mean a lot of people who are unwilling to understand each other trying to defeat others who disagree with them. Now, imagine doing Christian missions in this environment. That’s why you need a class on mission ethics!



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