Talk: What is Incarnational Mission?

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This talk considers the arguments for and against the missiological concept of Incarnational Mission. It presents a case for the concept to be applied within a framework of Christocentric Missio Dei.

This is a talk which follows the talk I gave for the book launch. The following will be discussed:

1. Incarnation, “the Incarnation,” and “Incarnational Mission”

2. The Motives and Logic of Incarnation

3. Incarnation as a Model for Mission

4. Countering Criticisms of Incarnational Mission

5. Incarnational Mission and the Church

Concerning Incarnational Mission and Social Engagement:

Most Christians believe they should do social engagement – in the form of social action or social services, including welfare and charity. Even the fundamentalist “Evangelicals” who suffer from the phobia of the “social gospel” would do social engagement. But most of them do it with wrong theology, or worse, without theology.

Let’s assume social engagement is the right thing to do. Do Christians do it with the right motive? What is their theological basis?

  1. Some do it to protect human rights
  2. Some do it to prepare for evangelism
  3. Some do it because it is good work
  4. Some do it to transform the society
  5. Some do it to evangelize

They all fall short of proper theologizing or even utterly wrong! Find out why in my upcoming talk. I will explain why incarnational mission could form the basis of Christian social engagement.


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